Here we take inherited jewellery and any out-of-love jewelleries seriously!

We believe every jewellery have their own special stories and memories to you that is way deeper than any price tag can be measured!

While these heirlooms are precious and sentimental, they may not suit your style anymore, or be in their top condition! And they simply don't deserve to be leave alone like now! 

With the price of precious metals at an all-time high, your inherited jewellery may be worth a lot more than you think. If you’ve resisted the temptation to cash it in (where you certainly only get the minimum price!), we would hazard a guess that it has been relegated to the back of your jewellery box, or locked away forever out of sight.

And this is where we come in! To work our magic and bring back the glory of these jewellery of yours! Whether it’s a simple repair, a quick upcycle or a complete overhaul, we will in charge of your cherished jewellery and inject new elements and breathe new life into it!

Using our skills, knowledge and expertise, we will work with you to carefully create the perfect piece. A ring could be transformed into a pendant, a brooch could be reimagined as a necklace, or whatever you have in mind. And as you already have the materials, the only cost will be for our time to design, meticulous craftsmanship and create your new masterpiece.

Gemstones can be reused if they aren’t badly damaged, and precious metals can be melted down and repurposed, giving you new creations to be worn, shared and show off again!

If you are interested in this highly curated special project, whatsapp our specialists now!