H.I.A (Have It All) is a membership-only service that lets you borrow any pieces under our Fashion Vermeil Jewelry!

At STONESOCIETY, we tend to always brainstorm about how we can better improve our society in terms of environment and provide more value to our customers at the same time keeping them pretty and confident!

We know the fact that fashion industry is the world's second most polluting industry, after oil. Producing fashion wastes and pollutes our water, erodes our natural resources, and contributes to climate change by releasing greenhouse gases! 

So H.I.A model is grounded in concepts of share economies and recycling. You get to wear our fine quality and hypoallergenic pieces, which lasts longer anyway. And when you're ready for something new, you're giving someone else a new fashion experience, and you are offering your design pieces another home! Rather than letting it go to waste!

Consume less, produce less and recycle more! That's what we called Win Win!


You can borrow two, three, or five pieces of jewelry at a time depending on your membership plan!

A monthly H.I.A membership starts at $19.90/month. That’s the price of a Gold membership, which allows you to hang onto two pieces of jewelry at a time. The Ruby plan, which gives you access to three pieces at a time, is $24.90/month. Our best plan is the Diamond membership, which lets you have five pieces at a time for $39.90/month!

1. Gold - 2 pieces for 30 days ($19.90/month)
2. Ruby - 3 pieces for 30 days ($24.90/month)   #Save $4.95
3. Diamond - 5 pieces for 30 days ($39.90/month)   #Save $9.85

Any piece under Fashion Vermeil Jewelry, regardless of retail value, is accessible to Any member, regardless of what type of membership you are in!

If you are interested, please whatsapp us right now for more info!