Why buy first when you can try on for Free!

No rental fees! Only a refundable deposit!

Simply choose the designs you love and check out. You will receive the designs within 3 working days! 

  1. Pick the designs you love and check out as per normal. Your payment will be treated as 100% refundable deposit! 
  2. Once we have received your order, we will dispatch your jewelry out within 3 working days! 
  3. Enjoy and let it shine on you!

Is there a minimum or maximum period of renting the jewelry?

Yes, to ensure you have sufficient quality time spent with our jewelry. There is a minimum 30 days rental period!

Fortunately, there won’t be a limit on how long you can have the jewelry! 

What do you do with the jewelry after customers return?

When we received the jewelry, we will double check if there’s any faulty parts or discoloration. After that, we will send it for a professional sanitization, replate and polishing.

Cleanliness is our top priority! 

Can i purchase the jewelry after i rent? 

Yes! In fact, if you decided to purchase the jewelry, there will be a 20% off for that particular design you would love to keep! 

Is there any limit on how many pieces of jewelry i can rent please? 

No limit at all! If you are renting 5 pieces in a month, we will instead reward you with a $5 purchase credit! And if you are renting 10 pieces in a month, we will reward you with a $15 purchase credit! (Purchase credit can be used on top of the 20% off.)

What design or collection can i choose to rent please?

All of the designs under JC are for rent! 


*Terms & conditions applied.